Reviews for "Goal In One"

I'm not much of a sports fan, in both games and the real world. This was actually very nicely done. It was like you were trying to combine soccer with golf. I have certainly play golf games like this. While the graphics weren't that good, it was something truly new and innovative. You get credit for your creativity.

I like how there's always something new going on. You would be surprised at how different it can get from just the second goal. You just have nice effects here and there. I like how you're in this world of soccer goals. I don't know why it's there, but it's cool.


I've played this game five years ago,in Armorgames and i still like this game a lot.

Awesome and addicting game.


I played this game for 4 days straight. I be cursing out the screen everytime i miss the goal in one in "the hell goal". Your games are very good Mr. Casper. You should make more of these addicting games.

Awesome! :D

This was really cool, although anything with soccer in it, I'd probably like. Anyway, this was really fun to play.

verry funny

I like this