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Reviews for "Everyday"

nice =)

predictable but very cute (^-^)_\/


truely a beautiful flash, keep up the good works.


ive visited newgounds for about 6 years now, and this is still one of me favourites...it´s so cuuuuuuuuuuute!!! Even better than yellow (though i know i am probably the only one who thinks so)


This was a absolutely, fantasticaly, out of this world beautiful piece of flash animation. I found it by accident and that is a very good accident to have happened. It's a shame, though, that this isn't in any of the collections here. Hrmph...

But I have to say...even though it is a short piece? It was well done and it flowed very nicely. It didn't need some extravagant plot or to be any longer than it was. It went front point A to point B flawlessly. The art was lovely and everything about it was just very soothing and calming.

I hope to see even more pieces from you in the near future. :)


whats the song name?