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Reviews for "Everyday"

My review number 200 !!

This flash is magnificent. Like I said in my review on your last submission. Pure eye candy! This was a lot sweeter but not to the point of nausea. Just the right amount of sweetness. Everything just fits together.
Graphics: Colors, surroundings and the speed at which they move is so good! I really like the closeups.

Style: Its clear to me that you master different styles. This is no exception. The storyline is great.

Sound: The song matches the animation. It is hard to tell whether you chose the song before or after.

Violence: None is needed.

Humor: Lies in the surprize at the end. Nice happy ending.

Hope you or anyone enjoyed my 200th review. Cheers mates. Have a nice day all.

Very Nice

The style is great. the story is simple, while we all knew what was coming, it is still very nice.

great work

very beutiful work. liked it very much :D


it took me till the second scene to realize she was drawing him, but i figured it out. Not that it was a big secret, but it was a classic story.

that was so lovely!

that was so nice.. it`s sort of how love at first sight should be these days. not at all corny but subtle like how your flash depicted it.