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Reviews for "Everyday"

^ is right. The end put a huge smirk on my face.

The drawings were very well done and went well with the music, but I couldnt shake of the feelings that i have seen this somewhere before.


Aww.. A very cute story. ^^ Kind of like a chick-flash.. (chick-flick.. get it.. oh ho ho ho)

The graphics were awesome (very stylish) and the music definately fit the mood.

Left me with a smile on my face. ^^

Short Sweet and uplifting

This submission was a healthy uplifing story that really can catch the watchers attention. The style was really good and the graphics were well done, the music fit well and everthing fit together nicely. Good job keep up the good work.

Things like these just cheer you up...

The style is great, the animation is pretty good, but what made me just want to place a good review about this animation is the story. Things like these just cheer you up and make you want to go out and live your life, and enjoy a great moment with a special someone. Great submission, thank you!
(BTW, I canĀ“t believe the Tank Men thing outscored this one or the all-time best Bitey... oh well...)

That's Nice

Man this is a great animation in the way of the art. Smooth and Refined. The story is great too, even though it is really simple.

5 from me and 2 thumbs up.