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Reviews for "Everyday"

I loved it

Nice to see a non-violence flash, I thought the whole concept was beautiful.

I wish u were the winner.

That was REALLY cute. but the music was pissing me off.
beautiful work anyways.


That was really intriguing! I must admit, it was also a bit predictable. But it was pulled off with such artistic flair, that the predictability was overshadowed by the immense skill put into it.

Absolutely great! 5/5!


The simplicity! This, my dear friend, is art! I promise you if you keep this up for long you'll be the next New-Star, I promise. The art was perfection, maybe the tiniest of mishaps with animation here or there, but I wouldn't be a true critic if I didn't point anything out, now would I? Gah, the music matched perfectly too. Maybe you could make a sequel? Perhaps a nervous first few words? Nah, I stumble ahead of myself on that one. It's perfection, I promise. Keep up the grade-fucking-A work!

good stuff

definitely chick-flash but i have to appreciate the skill. it's a nice story and i liked the graphics. very good animation.