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Reviews for "Everyday"

why the fuck did u put a french music????

why did u put a french music on a english website thats gay its like if i put my dog on my tv (my dog is a german sheperd) watch it next time put an english song on something like this like vermilion pt.2 from slipknot!!!.

great movie;)

the animation was smooth, the graphics were very good, the song fitted the theme:p and it's different from the most of shiit shit NG, even violence gets boring sometimes:P i l0ved it!! ^^ keep up the godd work;) !!!

Kawaii! \(^^)/

Ah! I love this! Is so well done. The graphics are beautiful, the song is lovely (and French, correct?), the animation is really well done, and the story is simple but lovely enough to stand on its own. It's the kind of thing we all want to happen to us. Ah! Gosh! I loved it! Kepp up the great work! (^^)

I'm in love...

I love it :)

Great, great... I like it.

I...I... I can't write... I love it...

YAY!!!!! Another damn nice animation done by LINDU

Lindu, your style IS ART.
I really like your Animations.

The guy can`t get enough from the girl.
And she`s drawing the guy.
Somehow ironical, or???

I don`t want to list all ratings so i say only that: ALL with 10 is worth a 10.

Keep it up b(^_^)d