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Reviews for "Everyday"

Excellent short...

Engaging, graceful, and smooth. This was a lot of fun to watch. You have great talent, good ability, and great compositional skills. An automatic Five. Wonderful work.


this flash is a real heart warmer. just like your last flash. i liked the part at the end of the flash cause it made me smile and reminded me of what i used to do with this girl in my class till she moved away. but your work is realy comming along well. keep it up


I'm glad I watched this flash, it was very sweet and touching. There aren't many flashes that can capture your heart like this one did. I hope you won that contest, and congrats on the front page. Keep your work coming ^^

After This, My Eyes Feel Like Kings.

Although I knew from the very start that this isn't my kind of flash, the fact it was on the homepage persuaded me to watch it. I'm glad I did.

The music isn't my taste, but it did fit the atmosphere, which is the main thing. I thought the graphics were... well... rather stunning, so a big pat on the back in that area.

The ending was so predictable, I never thought it would finish that way. It was an enjoyable twist, that earned the 8 in humor.

I think my overall score of 8 reflects everything I thought about "Everyday".

"A joy to watch, right from the opening scene. A very well done. =D"

Very Unique Charm

I enjoyed this flash piece. At first I didn't know where the story was heading. I didn't expect the ending.

I really liked the visual aspect of the movie. And I liked the music, of course I didn't understand it, but it did compliment the environment.

Very well done.