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Reviews for "Everyday"


WOW, just wow...that's very slick. It's somewhat funny at the end. The graphics bests what I've seen on Newgrounds so far. Cool plot and story.
The french made a good atmosphere. Very nice...

Not bad!

This is a nice flash nice graphics it was nice and olso had a bit of humor to!
Just a bit of advice:
Next time make the necks shorter heh they look like those indians that wear that thing that extends there necks!=D


That was a great movie, and it certainly touched down on me. The art of the characters was nice, simple, but nice. The sound, well, it's music, but it still suits this flash presentation. What would've been more good, and what would've made me admire life even more, you could've made them meet, and first they encounter each other, then finally, gradually, they court each other, marriage, and finally a child. That would be a even greater flash, so what I'm saying is, it lacked a bit of content. If you took away the...339.com (?) ad, it would've been better...just small details I like to notice.

All in all, I'm giving you a 4, you've got lots of talent, in flash, and in story. Consider a career as an author. Wish you luck in all things you do in the future. :).


that flash was awsome full of style good angles and original. i thought it was really good.

***the previous review by "QuixoticCreator" had to be the most retarded thing i have ever read. "only- thing that could have been nicer was the color scheme. It was ok, but felt predictable. Especially the white-gradient-blue sky and the Green trees. The buildings and bus were soft warm greys that felt fine."

<<< are u a fucking retard?? first of all the sky is fuckin blue, second of all trees are fucking green!! obv. thats predictable!. second of all there is no such thing as a "warm grey" grey is grey!! warm colors are: red, orange, and yellow, none of those colors are in grey or else it wouldnt be grey! soo stop trying to be a fuckin critic. you should recognize when someones artwork is well done and original like this one is, why are u trying to make urself look good by giving advice to someone clearly a million times more talented then you are!


yep good