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Reviews for "Everyday"

It looked awesome but...

The music died 10 seconds in for me... :/ The visuals were awesome and the story was there even without the music but it was still a little annoying to have the music die D:

It was sweet

Ahh one of those love stories i liked it, just how the guys always looking at her and then you find at shes looking at him i loved it nice.

i liked it alot!

lol that was great im not really n 2 the whole romance thing but got to love the story and the way it was presented!!!! the artistry was good i especially liked the eyes. look forward to seein more from you

this was really good

great flash. it ran really smooth and the animations were good to. it was kinda predictable but yet still a good toon. keep it up

Awesome work!!

This was a great flash, well done on everything, really. The ending was superb and hillarious! (eventhough I knew that she was drawing him, it was still very nice). A very stylish movie.
Only thing that bothered me is the bit oversized neck hehe but nvm that.. WELL DONE!