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Reviews for "Everyday"


Aww, young love ! No, wait I mean old love. No ! I didnt mean that! Old Love is bad. I meant younger than old, but older than young love. Yah. Yah thats it.


the story just makes me go squee. ^_^ That was so adorably sweet. I loved her little note and the fact she left her email. The song also was perfect! Beautifully done.


That animation was the best iv seen yet! It acually...makes sence like every other movie you have. Sweet! defenetly a high thumb up!

marvolus!! very funny

gr8 idea, gr8 graphics, didnt like the music but it went with the theme. It was even funnier than numa numa (difrent sort of funny wich is beter)

really good

i liked the human feel you gave them. Great potential for flash animation. keep up the good work