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Reviews for "Everyday"

Da Capo! "clap clap"

Wonderful, sprites my day like no-other!

very well done

i havent really been writing reviews lately but i figured this was definately worth one...you did a very good job on this and you should be proud of your work. keep up the good work and i hope to see another submission from you in the near future.


A very poignant storyline, which really touched me a little. I've always been a sop for those sweet romantic cliches. Excellent choice of music, and of course, story. Illustrated beautifully with the perfect use of eyes and mouth to convey feeling. Well drawn, well animated, and well done all round.

One thing though. They had exceptionally long necks. =p


Cute stuff

Nice and sweet storyline. I especially liked the end.

I liked it :)

This was a good flash...I loved the ending, Thanks for making it!