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Reviews for "Dance Mothafucka!"

You know why i give this such i high grade??

Because i know the original movie :D nice to see it back on ng :D!!!

Put this on the front page

Randomness,Weirdness and Humor your only missing Violence for the perfect flash. whats tht song by the way? I CANT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!

Could be worse...

This is weird...which is good but, this could be alot weirder. As it is, it seems a bit dull. Good animation, good sound, funny song, but it should either go somewhere or degenerate into something completely bizzare.


The white Guy's face made me laugh. Pretty Neat animation.
One Thing: Make them do more. Like breakdance If you click on one,
Or do something cool like that. Otherwise, I enjoyed this...Thing.


The black guys hair grows and u can tell tht the shadows have just been scribbled in at the last minute!