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Reviews for "SoS - Authority"


That's some sweet symphonic rock you've got going on!

And the best thing yet, woah. What a mastering quality.
Loved the chord progression! Great stuff.

Could really do good in a dramatic scene in an action movie. ; ) Very thematic indeed.

Rig responds:

Thanks for the props! And it HAS been used in a dramatic scene -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhZgUP 5RH08



Holy shit sucking cum balls on a the hairy belly of a south bound billy goat.

You three are the gods of all that is perfect.


Rig responds:

I KNEW perfection wears a goatee.

This is some bullshit

That was fucking insane man. It reminded me of the Bowser World theme from Mario 64...except on crack. Awesome job, a bit short though. But still...

Rig responds:

Yeah, it was gonna be longer, but that's all we ended up getting done :(

seriously awesome

sounds a little mono somehow (??), maybe that's just me - but this so cool sounding. Just plain good on ya. Excellent mix as always and I'm diggin' the punchy drums here.

Amazing piece of work

It is rather short but other than that it actually turned out quite well.

Guitar: Sounds quite godly and as if playing at a sped pace up until the end where it slowed down a bit. Really nice there.

Chorus: Sounds quite angelic/chaotic/godly at the same time, really amazing right there.

Bass: Nice little bass riff going.

Piano?: Don't know that soft sound at start, maybe a keyboard, sounds great.

Overall: It sounds like you have things going for you, great piece of work here.


Rig responds:

Thanks! We had fun with this.