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Reviews for "How Wind Falls"

The wind is falling...

Hmm... I kind of... Can hear it :)

I really like this one, even though it looks like other people don't. I'm not sure why it's score is so low :/

Anyway, 5/5 -> 4.09 / 5.00 (+ 0.088)

Just as in the rest of your songs, I can clearly sense the emotions flowing through... Another fav on my list from you :3


Semaphore responds:

that means much to me Rychlas =)

thank you very much

Pure awesome

Excellent song, definitely deserving of a top score from me! The opening was great, and you didn't draw out to much on the opening, and just kept adding in more sounds; Keeping the beat fresh and new, as the song went on. Keep it up man! And you should definitely make a longer version of this some time!

Semaphore responds:

maybe some day =)

thank you very much Drespar


i was about to say is this song like 30ms long it kept repeating lol i did not know its so good lol keep it up i woud some of my friends hear it and i think thay will like it

Semaphore responds:

yeah I tried to keep it changing with another instruments

glad you like it =D


I noticed you used the same pattern as Heavenly Remix: Melody, Melody, Beat, Beat+Melody, Melody, end. Well crafted, great intro, but the melody for Heavenly remix suits this pattern much better. P.S. what is Heavenly Remix's original version? Send me a link plz!

Semaphore responds:

like I said the componist of the original version of heavenly remix deleted his submission

and as I listened to it from my hard disk I decided to insert some instruments to give more emotions

so there is no link and no information about the real artist =(

and "how wind falls" is composed by me

the fact it's similar is that I prefer such melody and build up in my natural way to create music that's the reason why I remixed the heavenly remix

thank you very much MoshiB9865 =)


Nice melody. Reminds me of something you'd hear when the "hero(ine)" of a movie is depressed and losing hope, but slowly trying to get it back....

sorry for corniness...^^;

Semaphore responds:

ähm thanks Kimieri =D