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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Wow I really don't think this score deserves 3.75

I mean the games were pretty slow and boring. I understand that work and time went into the programing and it was alright. But like the space shooter one. There was no point to needing new weapons since only one ship attacked you at a time and you got full health after each attack. I mean I got bored just waiting for the next ship to come out.

I have a feeling that many people just voted five before playing because it said armor games.


armor games are usually very fun and very good.
thouse were kinda borind. and smash one was boring and slow.
the ships were simple (on round1 i got the best weapon) and i won every round(15\15 rounds) coz the computer targeting is shit.
and the diver one, i got 158 and stoped trying.
not bad. but armor games are usuall are a lot better.

Good collection!

I really enjoyed all games ! The dive one was really original!!!!



this is a good game. i love the ship shooting one, i like the diver one, and i hate the smash one

all goodsly!1!!!!1

they were all good but hat smash thrash type one LOL+ROFL+LMFAO
it was just funny heeheehee!

oh...and I got to level 5 in the thrash smash!!! lol