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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Not Bad

Game 1: Nice.
Game 2: quiet irritating with battles.
Game 3: Nice but very short.

Advice: Use some music in the game, it wil make a great difference.


Its a pretty good retro collection but the it got boring really quick.


Very good classic games, an great graphics.
It would be helpful if the smashing guy could move around, though.

1 and 3 suck

the diving one and the smash one suck but the space ship one rules

Pretty Good

The games are pretty good.
The first one is a little slow to start and you should get lives otherwise its not bad.
The second one is great, but you need to tell poeple you can add computers. It would also work great as a multiplayer game since the computers don't know how to dodge shots at all, some of em even stop in your line of fire. They can't hit you while you're moving too.
The third is really short, sorta minigame, its not very time consuming.
Overall its pretty good, keep it up.