Reviews for "Drawn Dream 4"

Sweet merciful crap, that rocked!

The Turtle King did declare war for no reason at all (in an obvious rip-off of that one episode of Futurama.) But we'll forgive the author, for the rest of the animation is stupid funny. Ahhhhhh...stupid funny. Now that's the best kind.

Jewelltoons responds:

rip off...I ripped off nothing... dont accuse me of that

drawn dream

brilliant once again...
drawn dream is my fourth favourite flash seiries only behind the greats: Burnt face man, salad fingers and bbqbeefburger.
please make more

Jewelltoons responds:

Wow, thanks man, that really means a lot. :D

oh yeah

a7x ftw!

BLEERRRGHH!!!/turtle king

XD!! O...M...G...I love the drawn dream series!!


my favorite

this one is my favorite one.
i write "Dont question my logic" all over my math books. :D
Notice:the bear turned black