Reviews for "Drawn Dream 4"


That was weird but it was still damn funny. Keep it up.

So fucking amazing

Jesus fucking christ, this was the best movie ever, if it doestn get frontpaged, im going to have to chop off my dick and feed it to the homeless, then slowly tear out my arms and legs with a platic spork, after that i will have sex with terra read and get a few stds, then ill start to gut out my eyes, then watch the movie moral combat, a movie so bad it will give me cancer, then i will jump off tom fulps house for being suck a stupid cock, not putting this on front page!

Lol keep up the good work!

Jewelltoons responds:

I completely agree

Wow, that was great!

I really doubt that that was a dream you had, but nonetheless it was hilarious. The flash work was actually pretty good, too. Good job! Fivened and added to favs!

lol that was great

it would have been alittle better if the beef jerky wall had some color, but that was freakin' funny


omg man lol i thot it was going to be gay cuz i havent seen chap 123 that was great funny as hell only thing is u didnt cus but u blew off peeps heads why did u bleap??