Reviews for "Drawn Dream 4"

Only one problem.

Why did you have to blow Vincent Prices' head off? That sucked.
Anyways, that shit was hilarious brother!! Gimme more!

drawn dream

brilliant once again...
drawn dream is my fourth favourite flash seiries only behind the greats: Burnt face man, salad fingers and bbqbeefburger.
please make more

Jewelltoons responds:

Wow, thanks man, that really means a lot. :D


That was brilliant,the best animation i have seen in a long time on newgrounds-good job.

That was pretty schweet.

I thought that was pretty awesome. Shorter than I had expected, but this is worthy of my favorites list. Way to stick it to the man. And by "the man", I mean those jackasses who flood the portal with crappy movies. Nice job.

Jewelltoons responds:

hell yeah!

Sweet merciful crap, that rocked!

The Turtle King did declare war for no reason at all (in an obvious rip-off of that one episode of Futurama.) But we'll forgive the author, for the rest of the animation is stupid funny. Ahhhhhh...stupid funny. Now that's the best kind.

Jewelltoons responds:

rip off...I ripped off nothing... dont accuse me of that