Reviews for "Blob Buster"

I want it on canvas, A1 format, framed. Obviously loving it. Composition, coloring! Deep idea

FarturAst responds:

Working on a printshop right now. Will keep you in mind ;)

Had to log in to say how awesome this is. Amazing atmosphere. It makes me imagine he's like a Samurai Jack, but in New Orleans. Don't know what is on the roof but I love the neon. I hope you make more psychedelic stuff like this. That glass bubble around him is so epic. Hope i can paint like that one day. Like the person below me said "BEYOND FANTASTIC"

FarturAst responds:

I think i wount do anything else but psychodelic art anymore :)

Thx :)

Again, just an amazing piece of artwork.
For fucks sake man. Stop showing off :D
And I'll say yet again, the imagination in this is amazing. Coming up with stuff like that isn't the easiest thing in the world... And this is just well made. Shading is nearly perfect, and just the way it is drawn is amazing. Truly unique.. Makes my own mind and imagination go mad about scenarios and back-story...
This is the point at which you know some art is good, when you start involuntarily imagining the story of the image.
Another 5 stars for you sir, well deserved I may add. Just keep them coming!

FarturAst responds:

I just try to let my painting tell the story while painting it :)

Great u like it :)

Ahaha - of all the crazy things going on in this piece, my absolute favourite detail is the little man on the balcony pointing up at the spectral monster like "um, deal with this please."

aww his pet panda ghost is infected with ridly x. lol