Reviews for "Alucard's Creek Ep03"

You Know Humour!

No matter which of your toons I watch, I'm always guaranteed something funny. The voiceover for the WB announcer is spot on. Great stuff as always!

Good Job!

Hey, you should keep making more cause their awesome!!!!!!!!!


Very beutiful. I like the delivery of the jokes in such a small time limit.
It doesn't have to make sense to be funny, and that's what makes it funny.
Awesome show, great job. I think it would make a cool offbeat series. Keep up the good work, all that generic stuff.

XD wowzers

i love these movies!!
not too sound like a total noob but, what castlevenia game were these sprites from?
i've only played the 2 ds games and the original


Ha so good for maria!!!!

Dude this is cool, that`s for sure, I loved this video and it`s 'cause I love Castlevania a lot. Good more than good, But exellent. Keep working on castlevania stuff.