Reviews for "Alucard's Creek Ep03"

Same as below

After watching this, I felt kind of the same as the guy below me. Alucard getting his head blown off in every episode IS getting old. And Alucard does look pretty funny fishing as well. But Maria kind of annoys me in this, and it really doesn't make much sense. In the beginning Maria says, "You're right ... I was wrong. I'm sorry." Which is obviously referring to what he said to her in the first episode, but when he gives her the Tic-Tacs, why does she kick him into the water? If she knows she has the bad breath, why would she get mad when he tries to help her? Other than that, it was ok, I think there's only one more episode left, and I'm going to guess what happens right now, he gets his head blown off.


Alucard getting his head blown off in every episode is getting a bit old, but this was fairly funny. Alucard looks pretty funny while fishing, too. I'm docking a few points because every episode is pretty much the same.


How did he turn a lake red with his blood so quickly?


stop this fuking music

I see a pattern here.

In every episode his head get blown up all the time!