Reviews for "Alucard's Creek Ep03"

man, poor alucard

Why does these things always end with him getting his head blown of, lol. anyway, it was still pretty good.


Another funny short episode of Alucard's creek,the voices we're really good on this one and this was just funny as hell,great job.

The graphics are just like Super Nintendo!!

Not bad, I wasn't feeling the music. The is a very accurate Super Nintendo game, the humor was nice, too. The music was the biggest downfall, I never licked it but it's still a good movie!! That was great the Tic-tac's, lol!! Great job!!

the guy got owned

this was good, funny and short. Not a big fan of the music tho :P


Really nice work. But it could have been a bit longer but yet over all still good. Now stay classie and keep up the good work