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Reviews for "Imminent"


I played for about an hour and a half before I voted. I really enjoyed that game. I liked all the upgrades. but after I played for a while it started to move really slowly, even on low qual. Overall though a really good game

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

It worked fine for me in testing on low qual. I don't have the capability to test on (sorry) older machines. Thanks for the comments, though!

better then i thought

that was really impressive. im sort of dissapointed that it ended on level 40, i hadnt even gotten all the weapon upgrades yet... so thats my only complaint. i guess for next time just have 60 different types of enemys, 12 weapons, and 20000000 levels... thatd be a lil better. thanks for the hour or so of fun...

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Try it again on defeat mode, it's endless!


its a really good defence game

For some games it takes 10 lvls before it finnaly starts of and gets a little hard. with this game it gets hard right from the start. that is really good.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Cool, thanks! Right from the start? I thought it took at least 3!

I think i can safely label this the best Def game

Certainly the best defence game I have ever played on Newgrounds in a long long time. Great graphics, great gameplay, great sound and music, in short...great everything!!
Possibly the biggest (and only true) flaw in this game is the lack of a gigantic red sign saying "Warning: this game is fitted with a PAUSE button that will put your life completely on hold" I think that even if a thief had broken into my house i wouldnt have torn my eyes off the computer screen.
Didn't get to finish the game though...after having played until i had stopped looking at the number of levels i had completed and all the enemies had turned golden, praying every second that the next level would be the last, I decided to look at the other reviews only to discover that the mode I was in had NO END!!!! I then proceeded to smashing my computer, and am now writing this review from my friend's computer....
Possible improvements: -Definitely some way to save the game.
-Some bosses would be nice (towards my third hour in the game nothing, absolutely nothing could kill me).
PS: You owe me HK$8000 for my PC.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Hahaha! That addictive eh? There is a big sign saying that defeat mode is endless... What difficulty were you on? On Imminent Defeat mode I usually can't get to all gold!

PS: Leonardo_Da_Finchy accepts no responsibility for PC smashing during play of Imminent.

PPS: HK$? is that Hong Kong? Whoah.

Love it, but...

When i finished the "victory" mode it came up with and upgrade screen and the button that usually starts new level said finish battle, I clicked it and it said defeat o.O

Apart from that one of the best games i've played 10/10 5/5