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Reviews for "Imminent"

Fun game..addictive

Enemies Killed: 5570
Andstroms Earnt: 981,420
Andstroms Used: 955,918


Armor maxes out at 20,000 and autoheal maxes out at 4, but by the time every thing is maxed out, it would really suck to be epileptic since the auto heal is multi-colored and all the weapons are bright as hell. It would be nearly impossible to lose unless you try after everything is all upgraded. Definitely got hooked on this game. Been playing it since the first hour it was on newgrounds and still use it to waste time still..lol ~props~

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Hurray! I made a game with replay value! And that's what counts... Anyway, epileptics really shouldn't be on Newgrounds, there are so many noobs TRYING to make them siezure, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. Good to see you like it. Cheers!

what the fuck happened?

i know my overal is better than any of my other things buy wtf happened

when i played the until lvl 40 mode thing i got defeat after i beat all 40 lvls! i had 8700 life left out of 9400 wat happened?

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

...yeah. That's one bug that just WOULD NOT let me fix it. I tweaked the numbers, changed the code, but it kept displaying the defeat screen. Sorry. But, you know you really won. Victory mode ends at level 40, that's why there was A screen shown. Try defeat mode if you'd like endless play.


Yeah, i love it, the upgrades r sweet. I for one though, think u should make a save on the next one, lol, but only on the defeat ones ;D but on the next one please make it so the cursor isnt that big O_O it kinda got annoying lol. the first time i played i hated it, then i accually beat teh first level and saw that there were diff enemies and crap and i was hooked lol

thats all i have to say

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Erm, save mode only on defeat? That sorta destroys the object. Hmm. I was gonna put a save mode in Victory only, seeing as that has a goal to work towards... I'll have to hold a vote or something. Thanks for the review!

fun but laggy

these games are cool, you get these ultra guns to mow soldiers and mechines down. I especially loved the longness of the game. May i ask does it ever end? I eventually quit after round 40.


Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

There is indeed an end, if you played Victory Mode. As you quit after level 40, you must have been on Defeat (endless) Mode. Luckily for you, Victory mode ends at level 40, so you practically did play Victory.

Thanks for the review!


The best defense game wit out a doubt, second best on new grounds only to flase portal. i loved it, made it all the way to lvl 64 just to see all enemies fully upgraded, maxed out everything includeing health, in fact im still blastin away. this game has been great to me during classes. as some comments have said bout adding sound effects....DONT, as they become annoying, it great how it is. only thing i think should be added is a highscore table on the endless rounds. other then that its easy a 1000/10 and i am now going to check you other games out. id say i cant wait for another addition to this, but i cant see how it could get better.