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Reviews for "Imminent"

all i can say is OMG!

Wow... i play a hell of a lot of defence games and this is by far one of the best! Youve done some amazing action scripting for this and fitting in 7 tunes was just plain skillfull!

Graphics: 7: the terrain was very nice in the earky stages, a nice lush green field but the quality of the later backgrounds was slightly less so. The units on the other hand were awsomely drawn and the golden levels were very nice too.

Possible improvements : the terrain in the later levels, and make the crud dissapear faster.

Style: 10: Your style of animation is awsome! The action scripting was smooth and flawless, and the fact that you can just plonk more and more weapons on top of each other was excellent!

Possible improvements : none at all, seemless

Sound : 7: Fitting 7 tunes in was very good, but compressing them that much made them loose that extra special something. But the balance of number of tunes and the quality was perfect and the fact you found some of ParagonX9's was excellents as well!

Possible improvements : less compresion and ask Fulpy boy if you can submit it over 5 mgs

Violence :10: erm... i dont really need to explain

Possible improvements : blood, I NEED MORE BLOOD!! none at all :)

Interactivity: 10: they dont get any more interactive then that.

Possible improvements : none at all

Humour: 2: The only reason this isn't 0 is i saw the massive alien green exploding splunge monster thing in the later levels... that was quite humourous :)!

Possible improvements : was doesnt need to be funny

General Improvements : SAVE FEATURE!!

General comments to others : VOTE 5 DAMN YOU!!

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Erm... thanks? I'm gonna fix the later terrain, and add a save feature. Thanks again!

Very nice! but ther eis a small problem yet...

When you are defeated, or you accomplish the 40 lvls of "Victory", the function which you press any key to keep firing won't work anymore.

GREEEEEEEEEEAT game btw, the only defence game I really enjoyed! keep it up! ;)

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Yeah, I know that. I don't know what happens, as the AS resets everything when you restart. Just not the auto-fire. Don't make sense, but there you go. Thanks!!


nuff said


Dude, this game is mega addicting, as i type this im on level 64, i maxed out every single thing, and i just cant stop!

good but

great game this game really changed my mind about these games where they come at u from all directions...
but at around level 40 i was at the upgrade screen and i hit the start button and it said defeat!?!?!
overall awesome game but could someone take a look at this ?