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Reviews for "Bob-omb"


Haha this was good, it reminded me of old mario days, the ba-baomb was perfect and you had some nice effects, i would suggest make the screen slightly larger for better viewing.

Make the screen abit larger.

This goes out with a big bang hehe.



I've got a few things to say about this movie. They include how much it owned, the scores you got, and a problem with iPods that I think you might have.

First off, how the f*** did you learn how to make such good movies?! It f***ing owns! I mean the bob-omb exploding, how lifelike Mario was, and the funny slogan at the end! This movie should have a score closer to 3.75 but ah well.

Next, the scores. I'm sure Graphics, Sound, and Humor are all self-explanatory. I gave Style a 10 because Mario and gigantic explosions are always awesome! I would've given Violence a 10 if there was even 1 drop of blood in that movie. Interactivity came from the slogan, the play button, and the replay button.

I took a look at your reviews. There was one 5 and one 6 and the rest were sevens, eights, nines, and tens, excluding the douchebag one or two reviews before me who had no idea what he was f***ing talking about.

Last but not least, I think there would be a problem with the iPod. Because this movie comes with buttons, I'm thinking it would f*** up if you tried playing it on an iPod. I don't have one, so I wouldn't know. Don't take this part too seriously.

Anyway, you can tell I liked this movie from my extensive review. And I usually leave big long reviews for movies I like. So, make more good movies like this one and you'll be on your way to a high Newgrounds batting average!


That's quality for ya!

Awesome Job

Nice! You used custom sprites! The movement of the characters are really smooth. THis was funny and sweet. Keep up the good work!


Very good.


Great job Sam! Loved the animation, the explosion, and the public service message at the end. Very enjoyable.