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Reviews for "Waffle X: Episode One"

OMFG!!! A PERFECT 10!!!!

Good--no, Great!!--Job on your webine (web + anime=webine)! It felt like a twisted episode of Dragonball Z!! I was lmao-ing all the way through! Come out with Vol. 2 soon!!! XD

FIIInally something new!

That mix of anime and interactive sequences was great! Plz keep it like that! Also the text was original and fun: It actually reminded me a bit of the way Calvin (from Calvin&Hobbes) talks about his alter egos Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man.
Pleaase make some more!


Why are you good at drawing, humour, voice-acting and computer animating? Someone up there obviously likes you.

pretty good

that was awesome... so many random and unexpected things came up!!! wow...

wow..to funny

wow man that was too funny...waffle get lol....keep up the great work and I cant wait for the next one