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Reviews for "Waffle X: Episode One"


man that was some of the funniest flash animations i've ever seen, nice work and keep it up. i"ll be waiting for the next episode


So the people marking the coursework needed an interactive feature? The kitchen was simple, but not really the best interactive feature I've ever seen. (You could have made an interactive mini-game for a loader)

Not to say that it drags the rest of the flash down at all. It's great, with some of the best animation and sound I've encountered and a plotline which actually works. (God knows we need loads more of these on NG!)


dude that was sofa king gr8 rite
if u make another 1 i will pray that ur penir is lavished w/ gifts from the almighty
i laughed so much dookie hath sprung from my sphincter
thunderdick praises u

Average Story + Good Anime = OK Movie

NEW REPORT : ANOTHER Dragonball Fan and the last part "to be continued" from outlaw star i see. Good Animation but kinda NOT intrestin account of just a waffle that has Arms and THAT IS ALIVE!!!! u'r violence meter is dead i think, the only violence there is his stomach tryin to eat its self from hunger.

ninja in the cupboard!!!

i love it
the graphics are great
the styles great
evrythings great!!!!!!!
keep the narated intro and the kids voice the same and keep it in a animei-sh style
it dosnt get 10 though, theres just sumthing missing......