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Reviews for "Waffle X: Episode One"

I loved this alot

What was so funny about this was that you were able to make the graphics so well designed!

straight up funny

This was good flash plain and simple. It was funny, interactive, and styled well. It wouls be nice if all flash movies had the heart that this seemed to have. Great job, I hope to see another episode!!!

amazing work man and some good anime refrences

u even used the to be continued thing from outlaw star which is the deciding factor in making me review. OS is sadly underknown and u used styling from it which now puts you in my flash artist god book (with andrew dickman and john and richie). CONGRATS TO YOU OH MIGHTY ANIME STYLING MAN!

Luckett Strikes Back!

Awesome job you've done. I remember the old comic from the good old days of Keenspace and SFGHQ long long ago in a BBS far far away.

Haven't changed much in terms of style (yeah, could use some improvement), but the story seems to be slightly different. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Make the next episodes longer, too (ask Tom or someone for an upgrade. I'm certain they'd be willing to benefit such a promising series.)


That was mighty interesting.. liked how u used dbz theme music in it graphics were outstanding.. and the waffle was interesting as well.. so what was the whole point of the first "meanwhile in space"? that was pointless to me.. but whatever u go for i guess.. good movie cant wait to see more..