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Reviews for "Waffle X: Episode One"

not bad croikey i say

I liked it. Nice animation and crazy ideas. I want to see the next one BUT IT HASNT BEEN MADE YET.

I just saw taht video of you on fat pie XD heh


Incredible. This is my 4th time watching it. Though, not in all one go. I first watched this nearly a year ago. I cannot believe you still havent created episode 2, I am fuming! I loved the first episode and believe it has great potential, but unless episode 2 is released, eventually your huge fanbase will deminish.. So, oh dear waffle god, please upload the next episode!

Luckett-X responds:

Not to worry, son! Episode 2 is on its way, sorry its been a long time coming! I've learnt a lot about the do's and don'ts of animation through these 2 episodes, and there'll be some considerable changes for an Episode 3. I don't really have a "huge fanbase" though I'm afraid, which is why I'm thankful for all the fans I CAN get :P

Oh with Episode 2 I will be trying to reply a lot more to reviews as well :D

Nice job!

Totally me kind of humor, love it.
(But i got to admit that i hate manga style drawings...:D)

But very good!

(( This was great ))

This was awsome, i just love the graphics and good amount of detail, and it was entertaining with some nice animation, nice job indeed.

Nothing it was perfect.

Big flash but amazing work, keep it up.


This was one freakin' weird animation.