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Reviews for "Waffle X: Episode One"


This is exactly like my mornings, except, without the explosions.

Well done!

I liked it. Overzealous anime style stuff usually isn't my thing, but you seem to be taking it to the Mockery level. Which is awesome. :)

Well done, and excellent choice of DBZ sound effects!

I will look forward to future segments.

Hey, great job on your first flash

nice job, i really like it. Your take on anime is great, and playing in Kitchen mode was pretty cool. Im Also happy about the Sonic and Legend of Zelda References. keep up the good work and youll probably get your own series tab.

Good job on that! I can tell you probably got an A

The things I loved the most in this was the style and the sound. I was relly blown away by the sound for the most part beause it made me actually feel like I was watching a cartoon. It was also pretty funny how u did da DBZ and the Sonic stuff in there. Good stuff.

The rust... so cold XD

Dude I wondered what happened to you! Turns out you was just homing your skills in secrecy, like I should also be doing but have been distrated by online rpg delights!

Ok enough of the daft english translation style speak XD. I always knew you were going to own when I first saw this idea a while back now, instead of being another guy who I thought gave up or had to work for a living to make ends meet and forget about it, you've taken the first step! All I can do is give major props to that for your patience preparing this to be ready after planning everything to perfection.