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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"

Best FPS on NG :)

This game was very fun alone, challengeing and all the blood just added to it. i may be overrateing this because theres not alot of FPS games on ng, but still i found this game to be very fun, GJ m8 hope to see more from you.

Holy Crap

This is plain and simply an awsome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

good but short

surprisngly good fps game, better than most. Definitely perfect reload time - It was short enough to be fair but you still had to find the right timing
I hope youll make another one as this one was really short... probably doesnt even take 5 minutes if you dont die (which I did a couple of times)
Difficulty was good - at least for a game this short - because it was challenging and not too hard

The Gun shot sounds often came late
The ways of recovering health were really original - certainly liked that
So as I said, really good game, make another longer one


It was a very good game. Nice graphics, good gameplay. And to the guy below me, he probably cant aim. you can shoot their torsos too. get some skill, then judge the game

omg i cant wait untill i get a new 1

it fucking looks lik a fucking nice game but my mouse doesnt fucking work so i cant move it well