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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"


It never ceases to amaze me what people can do with stickmen when they're done right. This is a really fun game and the simple graphics do not detract at all from the gameplay. The 3D environments are really impressive and provide a really nice visual juxtoposition to the simple stick figures. The short intro and the really smooth gameplay shows that alot of care and feeding went into this project and I appreciate the overall feel of arcade experience. Well done!

This is like a updated version of xiou xiou 4

This is a great update to the previous game i know it is not from the same line of games but its hard not to see where your inspiration came from. When you died it was probally he slickest bit of stickman i've ever seen though i didn't manage to get that far ,as your game is very hard fun but hard as...., i surely enjoyed the ride especially the blood.

Hope for a sequal with health packs or even an ingame check point...keep up the good work


The graphics are well-drawn, the fighting was unbelievibly fun. But you might wanna add more guns and a few collectables...that would be nice.

Good Game



dude this is so awsome plz make a sequel if there already is then tell me where u r god!!!this is so cool thats all i have to say!!!