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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"

Xiao Xiao tribute!

This is a great game because it really takes me back to the classic days of the "Xiao Xiao" series, especially the games. While not as good as those, this was fantastic. It was interesting to have a change of pace by having the main character be a girl. The artwork was really good in this, especially that fail screen with her all butchered and stuff. You definitley have to be on your toes for this one as you can die fast. I guess I have to praise you for making it somewhat realistic in that sense of fighting.


y cant u take cover somewhere. its stupid.u die in like 2 minutes. didnt like it


too difficult, Xiao Xiao is better than this but i know you put alot of effort so i'll give you an 8


hard but fun

I died!

I died. lol. Yes, this was a useless review. !HEEE! But I loved the game!