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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"


I've beat it xD the ending is a bit soft could have been more animation in it but meh thats just being me again so leave it great game !
keep it up

Nice game

I would also have to agree; the game is a bit on the difficult side. It would helpif there were save/checkpoints. I got up to the hallway with the poster of the guy, then the targets became too small for me. Could use abit of variety in the sound, such has having more than one gunshot sfx. Ricochet sfx could help as well. Nice game, but needs that tad bit of polishing to make it "excellent"


This reminds me of area 51. it was a good game but it would have been better if you could kill the bad guys with more than just head shots. i wanna blow of limbs and shit... ill give you a 4

Nice game

The guy before me must suck at games because he said he only got to the end of the first room and it took him 20 times to do it! I beat this game on my 2nd time ^_^ so yeah, nice game. Even though it was stick figures the rooms and gun were drawn nicely. And i give you 4 for humor after i saw that you where a kick ass chick stick killing everyone. Oh and why does she turn red at the end?

Doesn't allow enough leaveway

When making a game you have to allow the player leaveway so that they can actually make it to the end otherwise all that effort you put into creating the rest of the game is wasted. most of the people who play this game have no idea what the ending looks like cause you make it too hard to get there. I tried to beat this game like over 20 times and only got as far as the bar room in the back with the drink that only filss up 3% of your life after getting holes shot through you. YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO THINK ABOUT THE "PLAYER" AND NOT YOURSELF AS THE GAME DESINGER. otherwise nobody will have fun with the game. Frustration is not a plus in a game. a game player will try hard for a bit but quickly leave if he cant' even get through half of the game and has no idea how close he was to th end. FIX IT!!