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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"

This is like a updated version of xiou xiou 4

This is a great update to the previous game i know it is not from the same line of games but its hard not to see where your inspiration came from. When you died it was probally he slickest bit of stickman i've ever seen though i didn't manage to get that far ,as your game is very hard fun but hard as...., i surely enjoyed the ride especially the blood.

Hope for a sequal with health packs or even an ingame check point...keep up the good work

Maybe it's just me.

I liked the game, but I thought it was a bit difficult. Maybe I just suck, but I would have liked an easier difficulty setting with health pickups or something (yes, I am that lame).

Otherwise, I thought it was a really nice, well put together FPS game. Keep up the good work.


Allow more time for reloading, I got killed because I tried to reload when the screen moved and I thought it was safe. Also, this has been done before, and this is too similar to Xiao Xiao 4, regardless, I believe you can do better. Next one you submit, add your own style, not someone else's. It's good to have inspiration, but it's not good to copy.

..rip off???????

excuse me, but haven't i seen this exact same thing in xiao xiao number 4 or 5?
couldent you be at least a LITTLE original in this creation so i wouldent just go play xiao xiao N. 4 or whatever just because the author of that has other awesome submissions????

great but-

it would have been better if there was more sound involved. maybe some bkg music. also more weapons would have made this a definite 10.