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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"


it was good but had a couple of flaws...

one: sticks were thin and a little hard to shoot....

two: it was a little chopy and the crosshairs tagged along a little too slow

and three: the gunshots were fine.. now weres the UUUUGH when u shoot the motherfuckers!


nicely done. i love shooter games but i'm not very good at them. i liked the simplicity of stick figure, it's a nice relief from the world of 'everything has to be ridiculously detailed'.

Good, A bit hard...

Fun game, you hafta be skilled though, unlike me. I suck at shooting games where you hafta be a quick mouse handler. I'd be awesome if it was a real arcade game and I had a fake gun, but otherwise I just suck. Other than the difficulty I was impressed. I hope to see more, and maybe a difficulty level adjuster, for us slow shooters out there.


It's cool but way too hard. You could've put a sorta Time Crisis ring to it.
It's also sad what happens to the stickman's girlfriend if u suck.


I think it was cool though I didn't make it to the end it was still cool even if it was hard! Stick people rock!