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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"


pretty fun


well its good, i easily got hooked but the stickmen were too fast and hope theres also a lifepoints added after she drink hehe, but its still way cool., make more games like this...


It's twisted, but I loved every second of it. Too bad everyone is complaining how fast the enemies appear, since the game's all about reflexes. I like how you see your firearm in the first person view, and you still see it when you reload. The gunshot though was pretty overpowering. (since it was the GoldenEye N64 game shotgun originally). But- GoldenEye is an extremely popular game, so I can't complain.

The death (game over) cinema was a real surprise, since you see her blood fly straight to the screen, then she gets hanged in a meat freezer by the leg. The stick figure enemy sprites were originally from Xiao Xiao No.4, weren't they? Since this was submitted in 2006, while Xiao 4 was submitted in 2001 (five years earlier). Besides that, everyone was great.

- HydraliskElite


was good game but stickmen came way too fast and didn't have time 2 reload!


The game was fun but a bit hard from the stickmen coming out so fast.