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Reviews for "Stickman Madness"

Fun, but utterly Hard

Well graphics were good, and the shooting was fun, but thier were to man enemies at once and thus making the player die to many times.

to hard

you die in this fucking game every second ... i just think this game could have been alot better if more planning was put into it.

A failed attempt to be xiaoxiao 4

I am a fan of this genera, I love xiaoxiao 4, but I am not a fan of this game. The problem with it is not that it is too hard, (while that is a huge problem), but that it is poorly structured. Instead of giving us challenges of increasing difficulty, the game simply dumps a bunch of enemies on us and if we survive them, the game just dumps twenty-six more.
And while I died a lot during xiaoxiao 4 as well at least there was a retry button that didn't restart the entire flash and at least I had lives. This game failed to provide either and this is, among other reasons why it is a failure.


I thought this game was ok rather than the fact that died about 1 million times -_-

this sucks

this is corny