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Reviews for "Madness 6.5"

Best you've ever made mane



I fucking love this song, so absolutely brutally! The moment that Sanford injects himself with a stim-injection I guess? On that moment when the music absolutely kicks in with all its raw energy and brutality - that is absolutely sweeet! And I do not think it is absolutely defined as Techno genre, this song carries a lot of other subgenres and overall it turns into an unique song of its own. Quite honestly, I would have never believe what a Techno song could sound like, but you know: cheshyre is a master of his genre, is that not damn right?!

I don´t know why, but for some reason this music reminds me of "Phantasy Star IV - End of the Millenium" for the Sega Genesis, when you meet that cute girl with the claws in the room of the super computer "SEED"... Or maybe it was that little cyborg girl... I don´t remember. Anyway, great stuff! It´s a really cool, yet beautiful song with some great bass beats. :)