Reviews for "Rko Quiz"


u say orton's a legend what the he the legend KILLER not a legend and besides i dont like rko


Shut up, why did you take the quiz if you don't like him. stupid ass hole


If your going to submit something, please spellcheck it.. You spelt false, Faulse.. and i don't like rko


who cares if you like rko.

cmon man

thast just not really that fun
maybe u should do like a flash biography
showing his wrestling moves or something


I'm a great fan of WWE RAW, but Flash is not the best way to make a quizz. You could use some website for that!

By the way, Kane is a better superstar than Randy Orton! Hell Yeah!


Us yeah kane maybe batter but i just really can't think of any questions for kand exept Q.does kanne stink A. Hell Yeah!

Mr. McMahon's WWE Title Plan

The Legend Killer is a cheating S.O.B. who's probably gonna hold the WWE title for like a year because he is a cheating sack of crap. He's just gonna cheat at every PPV until he gets injured or loses to CENA WHO IS THE MAN & NOT ORTON. Or Edge leaves SmackDown after losing to the Undertaker(Also who is the man) afterJudgment Day or Vengance & Edge beats the crap out of his former partner by cheating like a douche just like Orton because Edge vs. Orton for the WWE Championship would be an awesome a matchup because Mr. McMahon Obviously planned all of it to build all of this hype and every WWE fan will be like "Aw, sweet Edge vs. Orton. Fomerly known as Team Rated RKO. Who would've seen this coming," And I'd be like, "I did, man your retarded. This obviously was gonna happen at some point, because Vince McMahon is a mastermind of wrestling suspense even though I like the Showstopper & the Texas Rattlesnake who both will probably team up together against Shane-O & his dad at some point," And then it would all end with gay zombies.