Reviews for "Rko Quiz"

Pretty Good Quiz,Not Bad At All

I Would Have To Say Thats A Pretty Good Quiz' Randy Orton Is The Greatest Wrestler Today And Plus He Was Once A Member Of Evolution One Of The Best Trios In WWE History And Hes Also A 3rd Generation Superstar

Randy Orton Is A Legend Killer


ok your gonna say "why did you take the quiz?"but besides randy orton sucks.cenas gonna win at wrestlemania.he the man.plus dont say "what are you 11?,12?"cause im 18 and i like cena.


I am a massive RKO fan and it did teach me more i am glad you made it plus one question is kinda old because RKO has worn the WWE spinner

Great work!!!!! i can now get his theme song thank-you


even though i hate randy it was a good quiz

Really good effort

Good, well laid out, Awesome Music. For those PATHETIC people who gave this low stars becuz they didn't like him, have you ever thought of the effort going into this then opening your fat mouth and crying 'i hate RKO this sucks'? Maybe you should get off your fat asses and make a quiz of your own. Good job IPN.