Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Con madre

Chingonsisimos graficos. Pero neta que le "substancia" en la historia que cuentas como que esta forzada. Esta bien chingon el cortito este, esta a toda madre, pero como que lo que tiene de interesante es que tan bien hecha esta la animacion y lo visual en si. Pero ps esta cool el concepto :P
Lo que si, esta enorme el archivo, intentaste haciendolo avi or mpg? Quiza podria haber disminuido el tamaƱo del archivo.

The crows are back...

...and they are better than ever! They have same old enemy, but now there is one traitor in their gang...
Anyway, that was awesome flash, but it wasnt as good as episode 1 was, still this one was awesome too. I see you switched your name again, and your new name is cool, but I liked the Quimera more.
Anyway, keep doing your awesome work and hopely the episode 3 is coming.


you get a 5 cuz i want to see this in the top 50



sweet graphics, good humor :)


the solid crow thing made me lulzurz