Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Awesome flash!

This was truely amazing! The art was great! You can't beat animation like that! The music was really good too! I liked it a lot. It had great quality. The story line was great! Everything about it was great! It had a good sense of humor as well. The story was very interesting and it had a good plot. The art was just simply great and the movie was awesome!


Nuff said.


I think the translation was great... reminded me a bit of what Eugenio Derbez did in one of his programs when he imitated Bob Ross.



that a cool flash


This was an unexpected masterpiece. I have no idea why it's not in the Top 50 (or maybe it was at some point). I actually found this after viewing another strong submission, JonBro's Mario:Bom-Omb Battle. I noticed that he only got Daily 3rd for that, so I decided to see what submission beat it, and it was this one! Not a surprise as this is excellent.

Everything is perfect (sound, animation, plot). The fact that the crows are Spanish-speaking only made it better. This is one badass piece of work.