Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"


I really like the animation and all, it's great, but the plot seems to wander...it just seems random. For instance, the outcast comes back, sets a bomb, and then it cuts to some other fighting idea, and then a jedi crow, and the stops and goes to solid crow. The progression of the movie is choppy. And the plot overall is anticlimatic and just weird...but very nice animation :D

it's good

it is a good movie funny a crow fighting crows becuase thay are all crazy funny funny stuff i give it a 9


the only thing i have to say is sweet


It reminded me of when I was little when I used to watch spanish anime. I know people are complaining that its in spanish but its not so bad. Are people so lazy they cant read. Ok mabey i already know spanish and understood every word. this is still a wonderfull flash along with all you guys other work. Great job. I liked it better than the yu yu. this looks just as good and it has entertaining parts to it.

Mexican crows are cool!

Smooth animations and wonderful style make this flash to one of the best on newgrounds for me! I somehow acctually hope that you don't translate it cause' its really cool in spanish. You really heard how all of the voice actors put feeling into their roles. It was also pretty funny cause of all the cool crows (the % crow, the solid crow...) This is the kind of flash thats worth the full five! Make more!