Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

I would give it a ten but...

If it would be in english i would give it a 10... But anyways cool man !!! I especialy like the part when the solid crow talks with his boss :D really cool.

That was great!

That was very impressive. A little choppy at times, but nothing's perfect. The anime style opening was great, and the scene where he was going crazy reminded me of Dilandau from Escaflowne and several other anime "Person-going-crazy" scenes, very well done. My favorite part though was Snake on the Codec though, the colonel just kept calling! AHH! If that happened in the real game.... He would have to die.

no creo el loco cuervo

lo siento que la gente no tiene gusto de su dibujo
animado, porque esta en espanol, usteades es muy
ignorante pelotudos.

la animacion era muy excentrica en estilo y tenia
una variedad de interesante y los caracteres unicos,
una mayoria de usteades eran familiar caras.
¡tambien, gozo de las expresiones faciales del
instense de Joaquim! ii hilarante como infierno!!
resultado: ****


~gonna go see if theres a 3rd
~sad how this ended
~great graphics
~yeah missed half of what they said because went by too fast!!
~try making other languages, PLEASE??!!!!!


Toonimated responds:

Oh there will be a 3rd and with both languages, english and spanish for you to choose. It'll be out most hopefully this month, thnx for the review


Better animation and a funny story. I like how he is the only one who has ever actually do anything to the scarecrow.