Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"


man this was great! joaquim was so cool in his disguise and that metal gear parody. juste great stuff and preloader XD

I loved it!

I always try really hard to find flaws, and not give perfect 10's, but I just couldn't think of anything for this one :) It was very funny. Hope the next one comes out soon, and is as good.


Nuclear launch detected.
I'm gone.

10 10 10 10 10 all belong to this.

“Impresionante”. Lame attempt at Spanish.

Truly an amazing film in every single form I can think of. The graphics were astounding, they were amazing looking but you give out the feel it’s not too complicated to learn, something you won’t see in films of other known artists. You give out a feel of real human work, in the beginning, you see the Crow’s legs, and they are well drawn, then you see them again later in the film and they look different, not as well drawn. This is actually good because now we can see you are human and capable of error. Making understanding your film much simpler. The style was interesting, sort of an adventure story about animals, very nice. The voice acting, music and so on were all staggering. The professional voice actors (99% perfect clarity, minor glitches existed). Music was good for the movie genre and it worked together rather well. Despite being an adventure movie it holds its share of fighting and violence. With all of the different crows (mobsters, assassins, metal gear solid look alike, and a DBZ knock off?) that last one was actually funny. The small game to play while the movie loads was critical, I don’t know what I’d do without it… But I would really like to ask for more in movie controls, a pause button, scene select, and quality control. All of those would really help make this easier to watch, especially the pause button at first while watching this long movie I had to leave for a moment, when I cam back I didn’t understand a thing, if I were able to rewind, or pause it before I left, it would have been much better than to watch it all over again. It was funny at some times, first was the Metal Gear Solid thing you did which I found funny and then near the end the part that goes: “They think I’m crazy, but I’m not” was very typically funny. It was an original movie type if you ask me, I haven’t seen too many of those in flash so I felt it was refreshing. It was steady most of the type, predictable, a little bit un-spontaneous but it was still rather nice.

For suggestions I can only offer and ask of you to add some more buttons to help viewers.

Now for my usual detailed report of all the statistics from the reviewing categories and some more (taken from the audio review categories…):

Graphics: 10, Graphics were in lack of a better word, perfect. Extremely well animated yet at the same time, human. Animation well done, several techniques used to animate it. Sadly I myself only trained in FBF so that’s all I could point out in this movie. Looked very professional but still average in a way.

Style: 9, A very nice adventure/animal movie. Revolving mostly around paranoia and lack of trust. I don’t know about other people but I’ve never seen that done before with animals. Though it sounds like a Nicolas Cage movie to me.

Sound: 10, The music was very good, and the voice acting was impressive as well. Other than a couple mishaps while recording the sound it was pretty good. I don’t know Spanish one bit so I can’t judge that but it sounded authentic.

Violence: 10, Plenty of fighting going on during the movie, it fits in quite well, no guns or stuff like that really, but the existing violence fir in perfectly.

Interactivity: 6, A little mini-game in the loading screen which really helped seeing as this 10 MG movie took quite a while to load. But other in game controls would have helped immensely. Like a pause button maybe?

Humor: 9, A few funny bits, such as the scene with Solid Crow and the “I’m crazy, no I’m not” scene. Terrific humor.

Originality: 7, I’d say the concept of the movie was original, so was the performance. This can be titled successfully original

Diversity: 7, Pretty good on that department. I can’t say I was bored for one second, it wasn’t really an action film but it kept my interest long enough.

Effort: 8, great looking movie and the effort put into it is very visible. And still it looked human in the sense that it wasn’t ridiculously professional looking to make us all bad and discouraged about making flash.

Overall: 10, Great movie, I really liked it, but please add some more buttons.

Toonimated responds:

First of all, I would say..WOW THAT'S A LONG REVIEW...so I read it.

It was actually very constructive and encouraging to create episode 3 but might as well take a rest with the crows for a while.

Now, about the pause button, why didn't I place it!?, the fact is, the movie tended to unsych the sound and the only way was to force some chunks of the movie into ...well it hard to explain, the fact is, a pause/play button would really make the movie crash :P.

Thanks for recalling the effort and for enjoying it and for making the review

Loved it.

All these video game references make this series great. I see the overall quality of the flash is imporving, and I can't wait to finish this review so I can watch the third one!