Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"


Oh my f*ckin god!!! >< I loooved this one!!! The animation is super neat and all the gags are superb, you three made a super good job, LOS FELICITO!!!

99% flawless!

The only reason you didnt get 100% is because I dont speak spanish. But ill give you a five anyway. The solid crow part was the best!


Hard to follow Ghost's Bible review, but I'll try. Let me just say that this is going first on my favorites list. It was like no other flash here in NG, it had an awesome plot, incredible graphics, good voiceacting, etc.
I speak spanish, but even I had trouble being able to understand what some of the crows were talking about, I had to look at the english subtitles =D. The preloader game was very very nice idea, since people with dial-up(aka me) had to wait a LOT of time for it...but it was damn worth it. It looked so professional, this could be in television...at least I'd watch it =P.

Just wanna say, les kedo super brutal.

Toonimated responds:

Excelente, no ocupas escribirme un libro para entender tu punto! Gracias y pues a ver si esto llega mas lejos

Good job!

Must have been a lot of work.

Can't give you more than 10 sadly

but I encourage all others to watch this and it's prequel!! I loved it and even without the absolutely hilarious Metal Gear spoofs it warrants a 10 easily. Hoping for a sequel cause there certainly have been longer delays between episodes than 2 years.