Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"


no offence but i would have finished watching it if it was in ingkish cause i cant watch and read at the same time soooooooooooooo yea end of reveiw

ps ummmmmmmmmmm make 1 version that u can select the lauguge

Very ipressive.

wow that was really good, right from the start, very impressive great effort and detail, and some nice effects to really make it standout, made for a great flash, try and lower the filesize abit though.

movie was great but way too large in file try and cut it or compress it somewhat.

Awsome effort and detail in this, nice flashwork.


Good job!

Must have been a lot of work.

Mexican crows are cool!

Smooth animations and wonderful style make this flash to one of the best on newgrounds for me! I somehow acctually hope that you don't translate it cause' its really cool in spanish. You really heard how all of the voice actors put feeling into their roles. It was also pretty funny cause of all the cool crows (the % crow, the solid crow...) This is the kind of flash thats worth the full five! Make more!



Haha! My favourite part!